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Saf-T-Trainers Dummy Rounds for 357 Sig: An Overview

Training with a gun can be a tricky business. With live ammunition, there is always the risk of injury or worse. That's why dummy rounds are so important for safety training. Precision Gun Specialties has created a great option with their Saf-T-Trainers Dummy Rounds for 357 Sig. These dummy rounds are brightly colored to ensure you won't confuse them for live rounds. They are popular with many different departments and agencies for use in Immediate Action training.

Why Use Saf-T-Trainers?

There are many reasons to use Saf-T-Trainers Dummy Rounds. First, they are brightly colored orange or yellow plastic, making them easy to recognize as dummy rounds. This helps to ensure safety during training. Additionally, they are designed to be different in feel than live rounds. This helps to further ensure that they won't be mistaken for live rounds.

These dummy rounds have been made to be as realistic as possible, without duplicating the weight and balance of loaded rounds or function-testing dummies. They come in 50 or 10 rounds per bag for rifle and handgun calibers, and 25 or 10 rounds per bag for shotgun calibers. The 9mm Makarov caliber is also available in 10 round packs.

The Benefits of Saf-T-Trainers

The biggest benefit of using Saf-T-Trainers Dummy Rounds is that they provide a safe way to practice with guns. This allows users to get comfortable with guns and practice their shooting, without having to worry about the danger that comes with live ammunition. Additionally, they are realistic enough that they can be used in Immediate Action training.

Another benefit of Saf-T-Trainers Dummy Rounds is that they are affordable. With 10 rounds in a pack, they are a great way to stock up on dummy rounds without breaking the bank. They are also easy to find, as they are available from many different retailers.

The Drawbacks of Saf-T-Trainers

The main drawback of Saf-T-Trainers Dummy Rounds is that they are not as realistic as loaded rounds or function-testing dummies. This means that they may not be ideal for more advanced training. Additionally, they may not be as accurate or reliable as live rounds.


Saf-T-Trainers Dummy Rounds for 357 Sig are a great option for those who need to practice with a gun without the risk of using live ammunition. They are brightly colored to help distinguish them from live rounds, and they are affordable and easy to find. However, they may not be suitable for more advanced training, as they are not as realistic as loaded rounds or function-testing dummies.

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